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So I spent the last week or so traveling around Ireland with my friend Jenna! She got a direct flight from Philly to Dublin so I met her at the Dublin Airport and we set off from there. We had one night in Dublin to wander around and to give her some time to recover, then we set off on a Paddywagon Tour to go south! We went on the 4 Day South West Tour and really lucked out with our group! There were about 20 of us and we were all around 20-25 so it was a fun-loving group to say the least… A lot of the tour repeated sites that I had seen with my mom and sister on the 3 Day Southern Tour but it was a totally different experience and I was happy to get to see it all again one last time. (more…)


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happy daaaays!

I’m taking a break now from my coursework [I’m determined to make some real progress on my assignments before Easter break], but I can’t get over what a great mood I am in today =) Despite looming research papers and a mild hangover, I am so happy. Just really pleased with how things are going over here, thankful for the friends I’ve met so far, thankful for my amazing friends and family back home, and so excited for everything that I have coming up in the next couple months.

I love days like these.

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