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I’m not sure that I really have the time/motivation/energy to be writing this up, but I’m afraid if I don’t document as much as I can remember at THIS point, there’s no way I’ll be able to write up anything coherent when I get back from the rest of my holiday next Sunday.

So, here goes the story of my mom and sister coming to visit me in Ireland! It was my mom’s first time out of the country, and she was a trooper! Even though I’ve suffered from the effects of jetlag a few times in my life, I’ve never been in the position I was with my mom and sister. Here I was, all chipper on Thursday morning ready to welcome my mom and sister, and when they got out of the taxi they were… rough. I mean that in the best way, honestly, because I’ve been in that position myself. But, being that it was only roughly 9 in the morning and we were staying in a hostel that night, we all agreed ahead of time that they were going to try to rough it through the day and then we’d call it an early night and they’d be able to pass out in bed, regardless of what the condition of the hostel was. This idea worked out, more or less, but I really just felt like the bad friend all day for dragging them around and trying to keep them awake and entertained when I knew how miserable they had to be feeling after traveling for so many hours.

Anyway, we made it through first day somehow… (more…)


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By 11:15 this morning, I had already run 6 miles. Okay, 6-ISH miles. I ran the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile in Belfast, so it was a mile loop in the center of Belfast ┬áthat I had to run. six. times. The repetitiveness wasn’t as bad as I thought [except I know that area pretty well so it was kind of boring in that sense] but it was a nice, easy run in good weather for a good cause. I guess I can’t complain! The reason I say it was 6ish miles is because I’m fairly certain the “mile” loops were short. I ran my 6 in 42 minutes, including the walk/jog I had to do for the first mile because there were so many people. The start was goofy… you had the option to do a mile, 3 miles, or 6 miles, and it was up to you whether you walked, jogged or ran it. Yet they started us all together in this huge LUMP, so when the starting horn went off, I was ready to start running but there were people of all different levels around me [including school kids and women pushing strollers].

I ran the “race” with a girl from my course and one of her friends, and afterward we went to a restaurant/diner in Carrickfergus for brunch. And can you guess what I ordered? The “American Breakfast”!! I guess it was called that because it included 2 fluffy pancakes and syrup because nothing else seemed particularly American to me, except maybe the hashbrowns patties. I have never once had a breakfast with a sunnyside up fried egg, sauteed mushrooms or a fried tomato. Oh well, it hit the spot anyway =) I haven’t had a proper breakfast like that since I was home!

It’s been a relaxing weekend for me… I haven’t ventured from my room much because I am DETERMINED to get tons of my coursework done. I have a test in one class tomorrow, but I think I should be okay in it. It’s marketing research and I’ve already taking statistics at home so it’s about half review, half new. Plus, the professor gave us 5 “sample questions” that are pretty much straight definitions from the book, multiple choice, and look pretty easy. I have high hopes. Nothing else is due until after Easter Break but I really want to be done/nearly finished with as much as I can so I don’t have to worry about it while I’m traveling. My tiny to-do list is getting smaller and smaller!

I can’t believe it’s already the 21st of March…! I have been in Northern Ireland for over 2 months, and have just over 2 months left. My mom and sister arrive in less than 4 days, so I have been getting everything finalized and sorted with that and CAN ABSOLUTELY NOT WAIT. As much as I love Facebook and Skype, nothing can really compare to hugging your family or just sitting around and chatting. It will be really cool to have them here and be able to show them where I’m living, the places I go, MY little part of Belfast that I frequent, all of those things. It’s gonna be a great 10 days!

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Mothering Sunday!

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK… All the stores are filled with flowers and chocolates and cards that say “Mum” on them =)

Just a reminder of how amazing my mom is, and how excited I am to see her in a week and a half!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!! Love you!

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happy daaaays!

I’m taking a break now from my coursework [I’m determined to make some real progress on my assignments before Easter break], but I can’t get over what a great mood I am in today =) Despite looming research papers and a mild hangover, I am so happy. Just really pleased with how things are going over here, thankful for the friends I’ve met so far, thankful for my amazing friends and family back home, and so excited for everything that I have coming up in the next couple months.

I love days like these.

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