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I’m back! I actually got back yesterday evening but have been too lazy to do much of anything. I have my first of 2 exams tomorrow morning at 9:30 but can hardly bring myself to study for it. In face, I’m quite seriously contemplating a nap instead. Hmm.

The trip home was uneventful and I didn’t run into any issues with the volcano or any other unforeseen travel delays… My mom got stuck in Rome for a while with a flight delay and then they had to reroute her flight around the ash cloud or something so I think her actual flight time was around 10 hours! My friend is flying from Philadelphia to Dublin in a few days so I have my fingers crossed that there won’t be any problems with her flight.

I’ll update on the specifics of my trip later, but overall it was a GREAT trip! Amazing last hurrah in Europe =) I am glad to be “home” though… Living out of ¬†suitcase gets old and I was missing my friends in Belfast. We were talking about when everyone leaves and it’s hard to believe that the other international students will be gone soon =( There’s realistically only one girl that is close enough that I’ll be able to see semi-regularly, but I have no idea when I’ll see some of the other ones. Three of my friends are Australian so I think I need to plan a trip there ASAP!

Ah, well, no more talk of that because it makes me sad. Time to go “study”… 40% to pass, hooray!


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Well, I’m updating my blog and NOT on my way to the airport… Most of the flights are actually back on and only a few have been canceled out of Belfast International but my flight to Amsterdam was one of those few. Surprisingly, I was able to reschedule it for Friday [I figured all the flights would be booked up for the next week from the backlog] so I’ll get one night in Amsterdam before I go to London. I would have just got the refund, but they wouldn’t refund me for my flight from Amsterdam to London [“This flight is unaffected” what??! am I teleporting to Amsterdam to get the flight?] and even though one night seems a waste, at least I’ll be able to pick up with the rest of my traveling as planned! None of the other 3 girls are going, but a friend I met in Barcelona 2 summers ago lives in the Netherlands so he’s meeting me there, so I won’t be wandering the city alone.

The extra two days to finish work isn’t such a bad thing, because I slacked off in that area since I had sort of given up hope on the trip going on time. We had a revision class in my global marketing course on Tuesday and I was really shocked by it. I know that some of my professors at home are pretty direct about what’s going to be on tests but this was too much. The exam itself is 6 questions and we have to choose 3 to answer. In our revision, she gave us SIX specific topic areas and then went through each one and told us which diagrams we should use and how to structure our response. And, when someone asked if the questions would be similar to the old exams [there’s a database of all past exams in the library that students can access], she said, “Absolutely!”, as if to say, “Yes, if it covers the same topic area, it will be the exact same question.”

I’m not complaining really, I just can’t believe how much information she handed to us. She kept pointing out that you could “pass the exam with just the lecture slides” but kept saying how we’re all aiming higher than that… Obviously she isn’t aware that my grades don’t transfer back to the states; I just need a pass =) Let the revision begin!

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So, I should be reading or, at least, skimming chapters of these textbooks I got out of the library for my two classes tomorrow but… no. Can’t do it. I NEVER read ahead in the US, so I can’t rationalize it here. Hell, I never read the textbooks after the lectures, either, but apparently that won’t fly here. I’m doomed. I hate the beginning of new classes and new teachers because I never know what to expect.

On a side note, I love that there are like 20 copies of the textbooks in the library so I don’t have to waste money on any of them.

On another side note, I only have to pass my classes for the credits to transfer back home. This is the wrong mindset.

Had a great weekend… Pictures and stories to come when I fully give up on school, eh, probably tomorrow or the next day. Yep.

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Yesterday was my first official “workout” of my track season! For most of the girls on my team, workouts won’t start until January but my season will be cut pretty short this year.

Let me elaborate: Because I’m studying abroad, I’ll be redshirting for my track season at Seton Hill. I won’t even get into the NCAA rules and blahblahblah, but basically I can take the year off and not lose any eligibility or have any other negative consequences. Usually redshirts are used for injured athletes or something, most athletes disappear for a semester =) Anyway, I don’t know the exact rule, but you can basically run in ONE race without risking your redshirt status [and a year of eligibility] so I’m going to run one indoor meet in January! So even though I just started training again, I’m going to do some workouts to try to get a liiiittle bit of speed in me before January 16th.

So, first workout in over a month. We did three mile repeats with around 3 minutes of rest in between each mile. My coach and I impressed ourselves! I thought I might be able to go out in 6:45 for the first one and try to hold it for the next two, but instead I ran 6:25 – 6:20 – 6:25. I looked in my running journal from last year [LOVE keeping one of these, need to get back in that habit!] and I ran 6:40s in FEBRUARY. After that we only did 1200s and less so I never even got that low once we were really in training.

My spirits are up =) Maybe I’ll have one good race before I leave the US! Plus, it’s great motivation to keep my running when I’m in Northern Ireland. Running year-round really is the only way to go!

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From her Facebook fan page
This past Wednesday, there was a coffee house on my campus with the above artist, Dana Alexandra. She did an acoustic set and I was super impressed! I totally regret not spending the $10 on her CD at the coffee house, but check out her myspace to listen to some of her songs. She uses her voice in a really interesting way and it’s just… happy music. Check her out!

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